Total Automotive
Reconditioning Package

Want to maximize your total profit? Offer you customers more services! A Total Automotive Recon package allows you to reach more customers and build bigger invoices netting you bigger grosses. Build a business that will give you more marketing options. Please choose from the following package options:

PDR PACKAGES $8995 - $2495 (NY/OH/CA)

Pro Set - 70 Tools:
Designed for the Professional PDR Technician, our 70-piece PRO Set offers you the proper tool to repair the most difficult areas on any vehicle including hail, standard and advanced PDR repairs - Standard 70 Pc Set option

Commercial Set - 50 Tools:
Our COMMERCIAL 50 Pc. set is a set designed for the PDR Tech who wants a set for everyday repairs. These tools are the same as the Pro set, less hail and specialty tools - Standard 50 Pc Set option

PRO Set - 30 Tools:
A well rounded group of tools. From our restricted access whaletail to the dealer-geared window/door tools to blade picks and flatbars, this 30-piece package includes the most desirable tools from our larger sets.
Also Includes our Glue Pull system - Standard 30 Pc Set option

PAINT PACKAGES $6995 - $8995

Standard Paint Repair: $8995
Paint touch up/chip repair (does not include bumper repairs/key scratch repair or blends)

Commercial Paint Repair: $8995
Paint touch up/chip repair including bumper repairs/key scratch repair or blends


Velour Carpet (Fabric) Repair Package: $2995
Carpet, velour and fabric repairs

Vinyl, Leather, and Plastic Repair Package:
Carpet, velour and fabric, leather and vinyl repairs

Total Package: $call
Velour Repair Package
Vinyl, Leather and Plastic Repair Package

Add Odor Elimination **
Intro kit
Commercial kit

Intro kit does not use Ozone which kills most bacteria producing odors, but rather masks unwanted scents with embedded pleasant scents.


Intro package: $2995
Basic wheel repair, using resurfacing tools and aerosol recoloring agents

Commercial package: $call
Same as above with spray coloring system (toners, mixing system) to color match all factory paints and make perfect repairs

** Coming soon: Chrome wheel repair upgrades


Intro kit: $695
For basic glass breaks and stars

Commercial grade kit: $call
Aides in faster repairs with better air extraction from the windshield, yielding a better finish product

Please call when you decide which package options suite your needs and we will put on the calendar and get the Pre-training package out to you


Comprehensive Concourse package: $call
Equipment (Buffers, polishers) Chemicals and waxes

Upgrade with Carpet/Fabric Extractor: $call
A must for high end luxury detailing. Allows hot-chemical extraction for deep cleaning and dry carpets and interior. Eliminates mildew and moldy smelling cars after detail



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