Recessions are good for PDR..but why..?
Since 1991, when Superior was formed, we have seen two recessions. AS a matter of fact, when the company was formed, Desert Storm was about to start, and the economy put on the brakes bigtime. So how did Superior get off the ground?
Actually, the recession helped us with a little jumpstart. If you're not in the used car or new car business, you probably wouldn't realize that in recessionary times, people scale back on new car purchases, and go more for the affordable and reasonably priced used models. If you are a PDR technician, you make a majority of your income off of used cars through dealers or auction cars, both of which sell used cars (they would rather sell used, as margins for used cars tower over new car margins!). With a slowdown of economy, you actually have an increase in business!

Now don't go running for the record books just yet..there is one topic to this happy equation that is a hitch..Private or "retail" customer repairs might slightly diminish during a severe recession, but we did not see a siginificant example in 1991 or 1996. We DID see an incredible rise in used car repairs for dealers and expect the same in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2001. Happy pushing, PDR Techs!

Nathan Kazarian, March 2001

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