UPDATE- 11/1/01

Hail has been incredible this year, but are things finally winding down?
It appears NOT.. Most recent damage:check the Wisconcin city of Racine, St Louis, parts out side Nashville, and Michigan!.. Its unfortunate but most of the recent hail has been 1.5" and under, but damage is out there, and we are making $$..hope you are too!!

Check our PDR Forum for daily, detailed updates.
We also urge you to call us for area specific information and to join our hail team today!
PS- IF you currently push hail, keep in mind the following: Keep your price fair and up-...all insurance companies will gladly pay rates below collision pricing! WE have seen many companies as of late putting hail prices in the ground! And for what? Insurance co's are happy to use PDR, so be fair and keep the PDR industry strong!

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