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Insurance Approved Hail Repair locations across the USA. Please Call for service centers in your area.

  • Got dents or hail damage?

  • Minor Paint and Body Damage?

  • Are you scheduled to return your leased vehicle and wish to avoid exorbitant repair charges?

    Call us today to restore your vehicle to its original condition.Paint damage, minor collision, dents large or small, we do it ALL! 

    Why should I choose SUPERIOR for my Paintless Dent Repair and Autobody services?

    1)Quality Repairs that surpass most autobody shops and are insurance approved and recommended OVER conventional autobody repair when possible!

    2)Timely Repairs that cannot be matched by large volume operations. We get you your car back FAST.

    3)Options. Thats right. We give you repair options, from Paintless Dent Repair when paint damage is not evident, or inexpensive paint blending or touch ups where we can save you alot of money and downtime, while maintaining strict quality repair standards, and we ONLY use the best products, including PPG DBC paint, which is used by many of the top automotive manufacturers today!

    4) Last, but certainly not least: COST REDUCTION Yes, we save you MONEY. How, you may ask?

    We are the new generation of specialty repair Autobody service facilities- We SPECIALIZE in MINOR repairs. By SPECIALIZING, we can focus our operation on certain repairs only, and leave the others to the larger collision centers.
    Consider this- most bodyshops have facilites that may span city blocks, employ 100's of people, pay leases on huge pieces of equipment and require six plus-figure monthly expenses. If you only need a bumper repaired, or a door blended, or other minor autobody repair services, you will not need to utilize all that wasteful fixed cost setup that the larger shops drown in, yet you would have to pay much higher prices to average out their overhead, and in effect, you lose. The only reason to go to a larger collision center is if you have extensive collision damage, such as frame damages, or heavy front and or rear end damages that will utilize frame machines, welding and more.

    Save money-choose the alternative that has cost and time savings built right in!

    Cost+Time Repair Comparisons:

    A) Typical plastic bumper repair and respray
    Standard Irvine Collision Center Avg. Cost: $550 Time to repair: 3-5 days
    SUPERIOR Avg. Cost: $175-350 Time to repair: 1-2 days

    B) Typical Single Panel repair and respray
    Standard Irvine Collision Center Avg. Cost: $750 Time to repair: 3-5 days
    SUPERIOR Avg. Cost: $225-375 Time to repair: 2-3 days

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    Please call us for an Appointment!
    Headquarter Service and Training Center Address: 375 N. Bristol Ave, Suite 45, Irvine, Ca 92626 click here for pics of recently repaired vehicles..

    Northern California Service and Training Center Address: 4833 Auto Plaza Ct. Fairfield, CA 94534

    For other locations near you please call!


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