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Find out why companies like FERRARI and MERCEDES both choose SUPERIOR for the best PDR Tools and Equipment available.

At Superior, we offer a variety of specialty tools and tool packages, at very competitive prices. Whether you choose an Intro set or Pro Tool Package, both will provide you with the basic neccesities of a PDR Tech: 1) Strength 2) Quality 3) design for Access. Our proprietary tools are designed by our very own PDR Tech Team, then forwarded to a metallurgist for proper heat treating and final design.

You will enjoy the benefits of a continuing supply of new and innovative tools designed for the requirements of vehicles in the years ahead. Feel confident investing your time and money with a company that's dedicated to your success. Whatever car you attack, you'll have the proper tool to get it done right. Which means Superior quality repairs, satisfied customers and a great reputation.

Our tools come in a variety of thicknesses, with various tips and configurations to allow you to repair minor and major damage you wouldn't be able to achieve with any other PDR tools.


  • Heat treated surgical grade stainless & spring steel for maximum strength

  • Designed for proper access (door bracing, hood, roof etc)

  • Tools that are precision manufactured by professional CNC machinists

  • Tools that are corrosion resistant

  • Tools that are 100% Guaranteed for Life

    Choose SUPERIOR for your PDR tool and equipment needs.
    The company that not only manufactures tools in-house, but uses them every day at dealers, rental agencies and more!

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