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ACCESSNo Paintless Dent Repair is possible without an open path to a dent. Problem areas include double panels, bracing, panel edges, etc.
ACCURACYThe most difficult PDR fundamental. The technique of locating a tool tip precisely where it is needed.
BLADE TOOLThe sharpest PDR tool available, designed to bring up a sharp low spot.
BLUNT TOOLA very soft, rounded PDR tool, designed to bring up a soft, gradual area.
BODYLINEA contour of a panel (often sharp) that when dented requires special care for a proper Paintless Dent Repair
BOW TIEA term which describes the beggining technique of light reading, and how the light moves with added pressure
BRACEA section of a vehicle panel which is usually designed for structural rigidity and safety. Bracing can block or inhibit tool access within a panel; usually doors.
BRACE WIREA thin PDR tool designed to access dents within a braced area of a panel
COLOR SANDING (WET SANDING)A process where clear coat is removed to reduce visual evidence of stretched metal, and increasing the overall quality of a Paintless Dent Repair
COMPOSITE TIPPED TOOLSTools designed to: A) Speed a Paintless Dent Repair. B) Create a more realistic orange peel result from a Paintless Dent Repair.C)Eliminates any inner panel scratching that may lead to corrosion.
CIRCLE READINGA proprietary method that we developed for our PaintFree Dent Repair method used to remove sharp, deep damage
CREASEA long, sharp-centered dent that requires advanced PDR skills to remove (vertical crease, horizontal crease, or outward crease created from a tool slip)
CROSSINGReading a dent from two, 90 degree directions to ensure complete removal
DISPERSEMENTA proprietary method that we developed for our PaintFree Dent Repair method used to spread sharp, deep damage outward, releasing the center of a dent and improving results dramatically
DOOR JAMBERA tool used to firmly hold a door open while a repair is conducted
DOUBLE PANELA term used when a panel has two layers of sheetmetal either sandwiched together or very closely layered, complicating or blocking access.
DRAGGINGA beginning PDR technique used to locate the general vicinity of a PDR tool tip
EDGE READINGAn advanced reading technique used to specifically locate a PDR tool tip location
FLAG TOOLA PDR tool resembling a brace wire, but with an extended tip, used for unique, limited access situations
FLAT BARA Flat PDR tool usually (but not always) used for window access door repairs
FINISHINGThe term used for completing a Paintless Dent Repair to 100% completion
FOG BOARDA reading instrument with a hazy line designed to pick up subtle tool movements, most beneficial for sharp dent repairs
GLUE CUTTINGThe process of moving or cutting glue in braced areas- usually doors, but often roofs or roof rails
GLUE PULLERA tool used to pull a dent out rather than push it, like traditional PDR.Best used when access with PDR is not available.
GRADIENT BOARDA reading instrument with a series of thin lines, or rows of dots designed to pick up subtle tool movements, most beneficial for sharp dent repairs
HACKINGWhat you dont want to do! Term used to describe bad Paintless Dent Repairs
HAND TOOLTechnically, all PDR tools are hand tools, but usually in reference to short tools used for close access, i.e hoods, panel edges, etc.
HEATINGProcess of using heat(torch or heat gun)in : Freezing weather to prevent frozen paint from cracking, and in warm weather to prevent clear coat spidering with extreme-sharp dent repairs
HIGH SPOTTerm used to describe a point of metal raised beyond level.
LIGHT PINCHA term which describes a beggining technique of light reading, and how the light reflection narrows with added pressure
LOW SPOTA portion of a dent that needs lifting to finish
MASTERTECHA term which describes a PDR Technician who has received additional PDR education and possesses skills beyond that of an average technician
MASTER TOOLA tool used to remove smiles and bring down high spots
ORANGE PEELA soft, bumpy pattern which is seen in most paint finishes resebling the skin of an orange, and desired to be recreated during most Paintless Dent Repairs
PAINTFREE DENT REPAIRA series of proprietary techniques invented by us to improve on the dent repair process
PAINTLESS DENT REPAIRThe process of massaging dented metal to its original form using pressure with special hand tools. Originally implemented on the Mercedes Benz factory assembly lines and later brought to the United States.
PANEL POPPER/CLAW TOOLTool used to remove interior trim pieces, Usually for door access, or hail repairs.
PICKStandard term for a PDR rod. Originally from the term pick and file from the early 1900's
PRESSUREA fundamental part of Paintless Dent Repair referring to proper gauging of necessary strength when removing a dent
RATA tool tip which is an industry standard, medium shaped tip, used for most Paintless Dent Repairs
READINGDescribes the techniique of locating the tip of a tool and at the same time determining proper pressure via use of a special instrument (light, board, reflection, etc)
REFLECTOR BOARDA reading instrument designed to pick up subtle tool movements (see GRADIENT BOARD and FOG BOARD
RETAIL CUSTOMERrefers to a customer who is a private individual, not a dealer, or wholesale business customer
S-HOOKhook used for tool leverage, usually for hoods, trunks and roofs
SHRINKINGTerm used to reducing damage via slow, steady PDR movements
SMILErefers to a raised, crescent shaped section of metal on the perimeter of a dent-usually large
SPIDERINGterm that describes initial clear coat cracking due to: very sharp or deep dent; oxidized paint; frozen paint
STRESS RELIEVINGterm that describes a proprietary method that we developed for our PaintFree Dent Repair method used to release peripheral stress of a sharp dent
TAP DOWNTool used to remove high spots and smiles(see high spots)
TRIMMING A PANELterm that describes how to finish a dent completely by moving a reading instrument far away from the damaged area, thereby highlighting subtle remaining low areas or wavy-ness of an otherwised finished repair
VOLCANOWhat is left from an inadequate sharp dent repair when the center is never raised, only the perimeter
WHALE TAIL A flat tipped tool used to gain access in flat, tight brace areas (usually hoods and trunks, but often beneficial in doors and more)
WHOLESALE CUSTOMERrefers to a customer who is a business customer, such as a dealer, auction, rental or other professional customer
WINDOW PROTECTORA very thin piece of plastic that is placed in the top of a door prior to inserting a tool into a door for a paintless dent repair. Eliminates window scratching and breakage
WINDOW WEDGEA wedged shape of plastic that is placed in the top of a door prior to inserting a tool in for a paintless dent repair

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