Since you can't repair a dent you can't get access to..LARGER TOOL SETS!

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NEW!! 2 Options when choosing a PDR Tool set: Standard option: P-style handles, and alloy metal
Commercial grade: Stainless steel with t-handles for extra comfort. Please specify when ordering

PRO Set: 70 TOOLS COMMERCIAL Set: 50 TOOLS Commercial Set: 30 TOOLS

Designed for the Professional PDR Technician, our 70-piece PRO Set offers you the proper tool to repair the most difficult areas on any vehicle including hail, standard and advanced PDR repairs. This set practically GUARANTEES access to EVERY DENT!
Included in the set: Bladetip Picks, Blunttip Picks, Rattip Picks, Bracewires, Door tools, Handtools(not pictured), J-Hooks, 3 Flatbars, 2 Whaletails, Ultrashort Picks
Commercial 70 Pc Set option: $2295(not pictured)
Our STANDARD 50 Pc. set is a set designed for the PDR Tech who wants a set for everyday repairs.These tools are the same as the Pro set, less hail and specialty tools. This is the same set our very own Technicians use!
Included in the set: Bladetip Picks, Blunttip Picks, Rattip Picks, Bracewires, Handtools(not pictured), Ultrashort Picks,J-Hooks and Door Tools $1595(pictured)
Commercial 50 Pc Set option: $1795)
A well rounded group of tools. From our picks, to flatbars and dealer-geared window/door tools to z-bars, this 30-piece package includes some of the most desirable tools from our larger sets.$749
Standard 30 Pc Set option: $649(not pictured)
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