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Paintless Dent Removal +index.html
Paintless Dent Repair Overview +pdrtraining.html**** Overview
Paintless Dent Removal History +pdr.html ==> History
Superior PDR Training +train.html *** Training
Superior Auto Institute Pre-Training +pretraining.html ==>> pretraining
Superior PDR Cirriculum +pdrtrain.html ==>> cirriculum
PDR Tech Life +day.html ==>> PDR tech life
Paintless Dent Removal Videos +paintless_dent_removal_videos.html ==>> PDR videos
PDR Training Testimonials +training_testimonials.html
Interview with SAI President about PDR +paintless_dent_removal_interview.html
Paintless Dent Repair Glossary +pdrglossary.html
State Approved Learning Institution +approved.html
SAI Guarantee +dent_repair_guaranteed.html ==>> SAI Guarantee
The Money Potential of Paintless Dent Removal +pdrmoney.html ==>> money potential
Current Training Pormotions +pdr$$.html ==>> Current Promotion
PDR Questions and Answers +superiormethod.html ==>> PDR Q&A

Windshield Repair Overview +glass.html ( OVERVIEW )
Auto Glass Repair Kits Included with Training +windshieldsystems.html ( GLASS REPAIR KIT )
The Money Potential doing Windshield Repairs +glass$$.html ( MONEY POTENTIAL )

Paint Repair Overview +paint.html
Our Environmentally Safe Paint Systems +enviropaintsystem.html (Environtmentally Safe)

Interior Repair Overview +interior.html (OVERVIEW)
Auto Interior Repair Training +interior_repair.html (Interior TRAINING)

Wheel / Rim Repair Overview +wheelrepair.html
rimrepair.html ==> Duplicate 301 to wheelrepair.html

Automotive Detailing Overview +detailing.html ( OVERVIEW)

Headlight Polishing Overview +headlightpolishing.html

Bumper Repair Overview +bumper_repair.html

Total Automotive Reconditioning Repair Training Courses +autorecon.html
Recent Student Testimonials +test.html

Superior Auto Recon Tool Store + **made ( store.html )
Learn About Superior Recon Tools +pdrequip.html ( about superior tools )
Paintless Dent Removal Tool Overview ++--- pdr tools -- pdrpkg.html (has the links to other pages)
Paintless Dent Repair Reading Systems +pdrreading.html (PDR READING SYSTEMS)
Paintless Dent Removal Reading Systems +readingsystems.html ** has different systems
Paintless Dent Repair Pullers +pullers.html (PULLERS)
Italian PDR Hail Tool +italianhailtool.html
Paintless Dent Removal Single Rods +rods.html
Paintless Dent Repair Whale Tails Tools +whaletails.html
Why Our Superior PDR Tools are Superior to others +strong.html
Paintless Dent Removal Tool Package Sets ++**NOTINDEXED** pdrpkg2.html
PDR Wire Tools +wires.html
Paintless Dent Repair Hand Tools +handtools.html
Paintless Dent Removal Hail Tool Sets +hailtools.html
PDR Flat Bars +flatbars.html
Paintless Dent Repair Accessories +accessories.html
PDR Science Article +science.html

Paint Polishing Tools +PaintPolishing.html

Paint Touchup Starter Kits +IntroPaintTouchUp.html
Detail Starter Kits +DetailStarterKit.html (Detail Starter Kit same as paint polishing one)
Auto Recon Do-It-Yourself Kits +diy.html

Superior Hail Team +hail.html
Superior Hail Team Perks +perks.html

PDR Texas +texas.html
PDR Newport California +newport.html
PDR Nashville Tennessee +nashville.html

Paintless Dent Repair Training Austin, TX +paintless_dent_repair_austin.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training Newport, CA +paintless_dent_removal_training_california.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training New York, NY +paintless_dent_removal_training_newyork.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training Baltimore, MD +paintless_dent_repair_baltimore.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training Atlanta, GA +paintless_dent_repair_atlanta.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training Orlando, FL +paintless_dent_repair_training_orlando.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training Ohio +paintless_dent_removal_ohio.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training Tampa, FL +paintless_dent_repair_tampa.html
Paintless Dent Repair Training Johnson City +paintless_dent_repair_johnsoncity.html

Paintless Dent Removal Ohio +painltess_dent_removal_ohio.html

Paintless Dent Removal Training Japan +paintless-dent-removal-japan.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training St. Louis +paintless-dent-removal-stlouis.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Boston +paintless-dent-removal-training-boston.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training California +paintless-dent-removal-training-california.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training New York +paintless-dent-removal-training-newyork.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training United Kingdom (UK) +paintless-dent-removal-training-uk.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Colorado +paintless-dent-repair-colorado.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Financing +paintless-dent-repair-financing.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Las Vegas +paintless-dent-repair-lasvegas.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Seattle +paintless-dent-repair-seattle.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Brazil +paintless-dent-repair-training-brazil.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Chicago +paintless-dent-repair-training-chicago.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Miami +paintless-dent-repair-training-miami.html
Paintless Dent Removal Minnesota +paintless-dent-repair-training-minnesota.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Orlando +paintless-dent-repair-training-orlando.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Spain +paintless-dent-repair-training-spain.html
Paintless Dent Removal Training Tennessee +paintless-dent-repair-training-tennessee.html

PDR Training Success Spain +Training_success_spain.html
PDR Training Success Miami +Training_success_miami.html
PDR Training Success Las Vegas +Training_success_vegas.html
PDR Training Success Chicago +Training_success_chicago.html
PDR Training Success Boston +Training_success_boston.html
PDR Training Success Anaheim +Training_success_anaheim.html
PDR Training Success Denver +Training_success_denver.html
PDR Training Success Australia +Training_success_austrailia.html
PDR Training Success San Francisco +Training_success_sanfrancisco.html
PDR Training Success Cambridge, England +Training_success_cambridge.html
PDR Training Success Nashville +Training_success_nashville.html
PDR Training Success Dallas +Training_success_dallas.html
PDR Training Success Seattle +Training_success_seattle_wa.html
PDR Training Success Mexico +Training_success_mexicocity.html
PDR Training Success Brazil +Training_success_brazil.html
PDR Training Success Maryland +Training_success_maryland.html
PDR Training Success Orlando +Training_success_orlando.html
PDR Training Success Hawaii +Training_success_hawaii.html
PDR Training Success Minneapolis +Training_success_minneapolis.html
PDR Training Success Tokyo Japan +Training_success_tokyo.html

----- HELPFUL LINKS -----

About Superior Auto Institute ++*** make ( aboutus.html ) "ABOUT US"
Spanish Readers +pmoney.html ==>> spanish version
What you Get For your Money at SAI +value.html ( WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR MONEY )
Meet the Superior Staff +meet_the_staff.html
Superior Virtual Tour +virtualtour.html
Guaranteed Results at SAI +dent_repair_guaranteed.html (already added under PDR Category)
Customer References +cust.html ==>> references (would look good to have more references)
Certified Institution +certified.html (needs a new link to finiancing page or exteral link to paypal credit)
Training Success Story 1 +training_success.html ( SUCCESS STORY 1)
Training Success Story 2 +training_success2.html ( SUCCESS STORY 2)
Training Calendar +paintless_calendar.html ( TRAINING CALENDAR )
All our Training Locations +morelocations.html
Register for Information and Classes at SAI +register.html
Retail Local Repair Services in SoCal And NorCal +retail.html (REPAIR SERVICE) ***
Retail Picture Gallery +retailpics.html (GALLERY) (could use better pictues. and address may be incorrect)

SAI Contact Information +contact.html

SAI Affiliate Information +affiliate.html

SAI Privacy Policy +privacy.html


Paintless Dent Repair Program at SAI +paintless.html (has good content)
PDR Pre Training at SAI +paintless_dent_pretraining.html
Learn About the PDR Training Course +paintless-dent-repair-training.html
How Much you can Make With PDR +money.html

Learn About Windshield Repair at SAI +windshieldrepair.html
Windshield Crack Repairs +windshield.html
*check* windshieldtraining.html

Interior Repair Course at SAI +interiorrepair.html ==>> duplicate 301 and text to interior training

PDR Olympics Winner +pdrolympics.html
Certified Training Programs at SAI +cert.html (trainig location format)
Gain REAL Experience Article +experience.html
About Paint Touch up Repair +paint$$.html

SAI Training Calendar +calendar.html ==>> same format
Paintless Dent Removal News +paintless_dent_removal_news.html ==>> 404 ERROR (remade with simple info. no outbound links yet)
Auto Body Repairs By SAI +irvineautobody.html ==>> duplicate of retail.html

Join our Affiliate Program and make money. +affiliate_join.html keep

---- Helpful Articles ----

SAI Business Resource Center +businessresourcecenter.html (most of the links to articles in this one are not indexed by google. but may be index by other search engines. will not redo article layouts unless its affected by uploading whats done here)

???businesscentral.html ==> has alot of bad links within
Dent Repair Magazine #dent_repair_magazine.html ==>> links to ""

Auto Road Test Comparison #automotive_road_test_comparison.html (bad pics)
Car Chat #carchat.html
Auto Show Features #automotive_news_shows_features.html (bad Pics)
How to Change your Motor Oil #how_to_change_oil.html
How to Maintain Car Miles #how_to_maintain_car_miles.html
How to Remove Oil #how_to_remove_oil.html
How to Maintain a New Car #how_to_maintain_new_car.html
How to Change Tires #how_to_change_tires.html

Hail Big Time #hailbigtime.html
How to Read Dents #dentreading.html
Paintless Dent Removal News Board #paintlessdentremovalnews.html
Are PDR Techs Artists? #pdrartist.html
How to Remove Mildew from Interiors #how_to_remove_mildew.html
PDR Techs #tech.html
Glue Puller News #gluepullernews.html
No Videos at SAI #novideos.html
science.html (moved to tools but can also be added here as a link)
Dent Puller Help / Instructions / How To #dentpullerhelp.html
PDR Extraction Method #extraction.html
How to Start a Recon Business #start.html

Home Based Business Website #home-based-business/about (dont know what this is all about but its still there and link to from the new sitemap)
Good News for This Recession #good.html

Hail News #hailnews.html


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