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Would you prefer to learn the entire process of Paintless Dent Repair from a school on one vehicle....

Get real world experience on multiple vehicle types with your Paintless Dent Removal Training, not just one or two..

We specifically positioned TWO of our schools at large dealer-only auto auctions (how else can a school have access to 1000's of cars to instruct on?). Think about it- if you want to learn the art of Paintless Dent Removal one time, and completely, can any other school give you this comprehensive experience? No.

We give you the golden opportunity to repair cars of all makes (Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Volvo and more) so that you actually put your hands on real cars, in a real Paintless Dent Repair work environment. If you are looking for a classroom environment, chalkboards, film projector and a room full of students, seek other Paintless Dent Removal schools.

If you learn best by doing something hands on, and want real world, private ONE ON ONE instruction, check us out. We don't just emphasize one on one Paintless Dent Removal Training, We GUARANTEE IT. 


Superior was more than I expected for my training- Full attention, a 2 hour business dinner covering all my questions, and excellent hands on training on 10 cars I think, or maybe it was more. Thanks again guys.
Lyle Peterson, St Charles, MO

The Pretraining, the auction, and hard work made for a great time. Appreciate it all. Please stay in touch!
Steve Shultz, Phoenix, AZ

I truly appreciate the gameplan and marketing information you gave me, and know this will be exactly what is needed to reach my goals of early retirement.
Chris Peterson Butte, MT


Today we worked on a Mercedes, an F150, a BMW 3 series, a Camry, Chevy Truck and Porsche! I feel completely confident going home with this experience and starting my business. This is great!".
Matt Stuart, a recent trainee


We at Superior believe words are cheap. We don't conduct training in classrooms or sterile, laboratory-like facilities with chalkboards and speeches, we teach simply by raw example.

In our Paintless Dent Removal courses, You will see and put your hands on ALL of the standard vehicle sub-types.

Our Paintless Dent Removal Training covers the ever evolving airbag locations and safety issues, as well as general panel access with sedan specific personalities


With Trucks growing in popularity year after year, it is crucial to instruct new Paintless Dent Removal Techs on the unique characteristics of trucks, from bed sides, tailgates, extra cab sections and more. Trucks can pose some of the most difficult PDR possiblities, and we cover it.



Convertibles offer access in the most unusual places, and also inhibit access in other more common areas. We also cover dual pane glass on certain models (may break when pressure is applied!!)


MINIVANS are generally very similar to SUV's, but the sliding doors are a thing of their own, and the rear hatch/door also poses unique access and knowledge to perform Paintless Dent Removal. Proper Paintless Dent Removal Training on Minivans is a must!


COUPES are generally very similar to sedans, but the quarter panels are typically more challenging than the sedan. We've got you covered with our Paintless Dent Removal Training courses on the coupes and sportcars.

We now offer a course option for 100% Auto Auction ONSITE training at both our Southern and Northern California Auction locations. You learn on the job, in a REAL WORLD environment.

No classrooms, no theories...Pure PDR in raw form, in the natural element.




What kind of potential income
can be obtained in PDR?
2012-2013 Paintless Dent
Removal Average Income
Average gross income per repair $100.00
Average time per repair 10-35 minutes
Average number of repairs per Day 3
Average gross income per workday $300.00
Average gross income per week (based on 5 days) $1,500.00
Average gross income per year (based on 52 weeks) $78,000.00



ONE on ONE Paintless
Dent Removal Training

Course Curriculum (PDR40)
Door dings, creases (vert. & horiz.), bodylines, compound curves, sharp dents, smiles, ridges, lip bends and 100% restricted access dents
Drill vs. non-drill options- the drill advantage!
Paint Heating process
Boards vs. Light Reading
Hard line and Fog line Reading
Texturizing: Performing 100% perfect dent repair
Airbags-where to go and not to dare tread!
Gluepulling for hail, oversized damage reduction and blocked access solutions
Aluminum panel repair process
Equipment selection & usage
Personal safety
High and low spot identifcation
Instructor Demonstrations of mild versus intense damage Paintless Dent Repair techniques
PDR Accessory usage
Superior Dent Stress Relieving
VIDEO your Training (your option-we allow it!)
Ferrari wet sanding technique
We are so confident our courses will
satisfy your needs, if for any reason
you are NOT fully satisfied, we will
open up a third week of training for


  1. 1,2 and 3 Week post training Business Itinerary
  2. Marketing and Business planning specifically tailored to your demographics, resources and goals (there is no single "cookie cutter business plan or strategy that will work for everyone)-You will have a formal business consultation with Brian Jump, SAI president after training has concluded in the evening and he will cover all aspects of your business, including: 1) Marketing and business development (no, dealers are not the only target clientele!)
  3. Pricing and estimates (varies city to city and area!)
  4. Insurance
  5. Business name
  6. Business literature(business card layouts, etc)
  7. Taxes, records and accounting
  8. Vehicle layout





Paintless Dent Removal
Training Course Curriculum

The Two Week course (PDR80) is designed for those who have the time and resources to stay with us a bit longer to hone and perfect their skills and speed. We also slow down the pace and devote more time to each lesson, instead of the quick pace of a One Week Course.

All inclusions from our One Week PDR Course, plus:

Developed experience with European makes, Asian, Domestic coupes, as well as SUV's, Trucks and convertibles.
Please keep in mind: While most students are with us for 1-2 weeks, we invite you to stay as long as you want at no extra cost after 2 weeks.
Paintless Dent Removal Pre-Training sent to you prior to the course to speed your to success. A Paintless Dent Removal Training success secret.
Superior Extraction Method(SEM) Large Paintless Dent Removal damage technique
Priority application for Superior PDR Hail Team Apprentice Program
We are so confident our courses will
satisfy your needs, if for any reason
you are NOT fully satisfied, we will
open up a third week of training for




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