2016 Winter PROMOTION
Wheel & Rim Repair Courses

Wheel Repair | Rim Repair Equipment and programs

Alloy Wheel Repair

  • Learn to remove minor scuffs, scratches and rash from alloy wheels in just minutes.
  • Wheel Repair is a simple process to learn and usually takes just 2-3 days depending on the package chosen
  • An average wheel repair can net you $75-125 a wheel and up.
  • Most repairs are done on a mobile basis
  • Great cross-sell service- this service is a great compliment to other reconditioning services

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The HOTTEST service in the
Recon Industry

wheel repair

  • Learn to earn a great income with Rim Repair and Alloy Wheel Repair.
  • "Roadrash", curb scrapes, discolorations, gouges and more can now easily be removed and restored with our easy, step by step Rim and Wheel Repair process
  • One day Rim | Wheel Repair demonstration/personal
    instruction (if desired)

Comprehensive Wheel Repair,
Refinishing Package

wheel repairIncludes:

  • Rim Repair Recoloring system
  • Wheel Refinishing Abrasives
  • Industrial Wheel Cleaners
  • Wheel Prep
  • Wheel Primer
  • Custom Wheel Abrasive
  • Paint Prep Chemicals
  • Training Manual
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Basic Wheel
Refinishing Package

wheel repairIncludes:

  • Recoloring system (Mutliple colors)
  • Mini-Wheel Refinishing Abrasive kit
  • Wheel Prep
  • Wheel Primer
  • Paint Prep Chemicals
  • Training Manual
  • PRICE: CALL for Winter Promo 1-888-992-3464



Rim | Wheel Repair FAQ's

What are current Wheel Rim repair/restoration services charging?
Alloy Wheel repair services are charging anywhere from $75-$350 per wheel | Rim repair, depending on wholesale or retail service, and volume.

How long does the average Rim Wheel repair take to complete?
A typical Wheel Rim Repair restoration takes 20-75 minutes depending on the severity.

How many wheel repair services are already servicing dealers?
VERY FEW. Only a small handful of people know the income power of this opportunity.

If you only did 5 wheel repairs a day and averaged $100 each, your monthly gross income could easily exceed $10,000. What are the overhead/material costs?

The average Wheel Rim repair costs average $5.00 in material costs.

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