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When you choose The Superior Auto Institute for your reconditioning needs, you have a wealth of experience to pull from.

For almost 10 years we have been providing recon services for auto dealers, rental agencies, auto auctions, insurance companies, hail storm sites and more

We pass along vital and timely industry information to better inform you of current trends and developments within the reconditioning market

All of our tools are designed by our very own route and hail technicians. When you grab a tool you know dozens of individuals just like you have used that tool with success.

Here at Superior Auto Institute, we pride ourself in teaching the raw elements and techniques that you need to succeed in the auto recon business. Our founder and president Brian Jump add this:


We offer one day classes for some programs. Weekly programs apply to paintless dent repair and removal. You will see first hand how everything works and learn in the process of doing repairs beside a professional trainer that does it daily.


Simply put, we are superior to any other auto recon training school. Our success rate is 100%. Everyone leaving our training facility goes home proud that they can accomplish these repairs on their own and make tons of money doing it.

Still have doubts? Read for yourself. See what you get for your money. Many have chosen to jump start thier career and so should you.

Meet our wonderful and skilled staff. Every one of our staff memebers have real world experiance in the recon business.

We Guarantee success.

Need some more insurance? Well we have a list full of references that you can call or email. They'll tell you how much SAI has help them make a comfortable living doing repairs.

Read about the success of other students that have become owners of thier own recon business. Our marketing help and info can make or beak a business.

Our locations span across the US, Canada and abroad. See where the best training facility is for you. Remeber to also check our calendar to see what classes are availabe in your area of choice. Because we are a one on one training school, we go on a first come first train basis. So book your class today by registering here.



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